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' you and i are the best team of all . you are my best friend and the love of my life , my heart , my soul , the one i want to be with each and everyday . you are the one i want to cheer me on through my life . your arms are the ones i want to comfort and support me . i love when you and i work together we can do anything '

dear bff
thankyou for standing by my side when times get hard
thankyou for making me laught when i didnt want even to laugh

yes ! best friends 
understand me when i said forget it
wait forever when i said just a minute
stay by my side when i said leave me alone
and listen for hours when im crying on the phone
its those times we go so crazy people we think we're high
the times we make each other laugh till we cry
all the inside jokes and those 'remember when'
those are the reasons they call us best friends :')

all i can say is this..

'yes she is my best friend and yes sometimes we have problem , sometimes we fight ,
sometimes we laugh . sometimes we cry .
i know everything about her and she know everything bout me
and even though we have defects
we love each other and we will '

another month , another week , another year , another smile , another tears ,another summer and winter too . but there's no another one like you !!

true friends look at you with no judgement in their eyes . they know you have make mistakes but they accept you for being human and help you right the wrongs

5 years being at school have taught me so much bout 'friendship'
i know we have face so much trouble before
fight too much but still stick together
this is all because we sincere and love each other . most important forgiveness and forget the past
that's what we do
in the school , they - nadzirah , yasina , aderra and fazelinah
i think they are the one i closest in the school

kita pernah benci sesama kita sendiri , i know that :)
tapi kita semua still boleh jaga friendship ni
im proud of us
even kita pernah gaduh tapi last2 kemaafan yg dipinta :)
i love you guys so much
seriously , i want this friendship last longer till jannah
no matter what happen , no matter how long we not meet
please keep in contact with each other
school memories remains in my heart

rindu nak belajar sesama , ponteng sesama ehek ;p
tgk wayang , karoke
i miss everything bout us 
mungkin lepas amik result , semua bawak haluan masing2 nk pegi sambung belajar :)
its okay , mungkin hanya berpisah utk sementara
takecare dear bff
i do love this friendship so much !!
i love you guys so so much !!
though miles may lie between us we are never far apart.
for friendship never count miles , it measured by heart :)

*i do miss the rest of my best of the best
4w2 and 5w1 :)

jazakallah for being my friends :)

*kalau rindu kita dengar la lagu sahabat by aizat
im gonna miss you all when im at plkn
please pray that i will be okay there and may Allah give me happiness and ease everything for me there
insyaAllah thanks :)

kk ni last , hahaa
roses are red
violet are blue
we maybe separate
but i will never stop loving you
may our ukhuwah will last forever till jannah :)

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